Choose the perfect gift for anyone, anytime and deliver it with a unique digital unwrapping experience. 

Smart Gifting

Giftie is giving without the guesswork. When you wrap up with Giftie, you let the person you’re buying for make the final decision on the gift, before shipping.

Let them choose to exchange it for a gift voucher instead of having to return it to the store or be too embarrassed to admit they didn’t like it. 

Never Be Too Late

Giftie digitally wraps and sends your item immediately (or later) so there’s no such thing as turning up to the party without a gift ‘in hand’.


A New
Wrapping Experience

Wow your recipient with a new, personalised interactive digital wrapper that they can receive anywhere, anytime! Choose a variety of themed wrappers and interactive games.

Make Every Item In Your Store a Potential Gift

For the first time, allow your customers to give highly personal gift choices without the embarrassment of getting it wrong.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Significantly reduce shipping and restocking costs due to returns and exchanges.

Giftie connects the gift recipient into the buying process to get the gift and shipping details right first time, removing the need to return items altogether and reducing the environmental impact.

Access New Customers

Giftie delivers an end-to-end gifting experience that brings more customers to your online properties to enable new commerce and lowering cost of customer acquisition. 

Attract more customers, improve operating costs and create more purchase opportunities.