Inspire And Delight

Giftie brings the first real innovation to gift giving since online shopping became the norm.
Our unique digital wrapping experience allows the recipient to convert the gift into a gift voucher or accept and update shipping details, before the item is even shipped.
For retailers, this tackles the mounting cost of returns management and promotes a more environmentally friendly solution.

Giftie makes buying a gift online for loved ones so much easier.

Giftie brings the elation of unwrapping a gift into the digital age with personal, innovative digital wrappers.

Buying the right gift for that special person is never easy. Wrapping with Giftie says “you’re special”

It’s no fun receiving a gift that you’ve already got. Exchange it for what you really want, without having to ask for a receipt.

Giftie is not only more fun, it’s an environmentally sensible choice. Less shipping, returns and waste is not only better for profit but better for the planet.

Our Team

Rebecca Daly

Co-Founder – CEO

A creative powerhouse and tech-obsessive, Rebecca cut her teeth in the television industry. During her 20 years of high impact television production and editing, she honed her artistic skills and technological expertise. In 2016, she was ready to marry her love of smartphone technology with her skill in captivating audiences. Rebecca believes devices are at their best when they’re touching lives in ways that inspire and delight. She founded Quiet Explosion to bring together the best minds in the creative and tech industries. Together, they’re making smartphones even more remarkable.

Jack Squirrell


Jack is an entrepreneur and chartered engineer who trained in the aircraft industry. He loves machines, technology and success. Over the years, he’s founded businesses across many industries, from medical to maritime, automotive to aerospace. His wide experience of building and motivating teams has seen his ventures move from strength to strength. A stickler for long-term planning and careful management, Jack brings some beautiful structure to the Quiet Explosion team.

Nich Overend

Giftie CTO

Nich has been obsessed with IT since the dawn of the abacus, though he’d have us believe his expertise spans only three decades. Nich helped kickstart Microsoft’s Open Source strategy and has worked at Enterprise level in telecoms, finance and public sectors, not to mention a host of SME businesses – mixing technologies to disrupt and evolve the marketplace is his thing. Giftie is his fourth start-up, one he believes could be the next big thing in eCommerce.

Ian Lockerbie

Lead Designer

Ian has 9 years design experience working for a wide range of industries, typically within the fields of fintech, AI and sci-fi movie production. Ian instantly fell in love the the idea of Giftie and the opportunity to create wrappers that would allow a story to be told remotely from one loved one to another.