With our customisation options, your customer will never know they left your website

100% Cloud

Via Microsoft Azure


99.99% Uptime


One line of JavaScript 

Integrations To Suit Every Retailer


All public APIs are based around server-less computing


As transparent as possible to enable to best user experience possible


Reliably durable enterprise-grade message queuing


This suits smaller retailers who operate largely manual back-office order flow processes and keeps the cost of setting up to a minimum

Giftie notifies the retailer when a gift recipient chooses to modify the purchase into a gift voucher and/or changes the delivery date using simple email driven process flow


Giftie works with advanced retail systems through integrating via our API to ensure all data and purchase flows are optimised from a user journey and to minimise the need for any bespoke development work

We can improve efficiency or ease workload or support issues. We  integrate with:

  • Product catalogue for gift information/swapping
  • OMS for order handling and changes
  • Logistics for delivery updates

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Our purpose-built, microservices-based technology was built to harness the immense power and scalability of Microsoft’s global elastic cloud providing fast and dependable response times even during peak usage. Edge caching and content management techniques are used extensively to speed things up even more

Telemetry data from all Giftie components is centrally collected on the Azure cloud and analysed in real-time. Anomalies are automatically alerted to our DevOps team, for triage and investigation

Our customer portal contains e-Gift, status and ENGAGE metrics data, so you can optimise your interactions with both your original customer, and the gift recipient

Enterprise-grade Saas security and Microsoft Azure best practices protect retailer and retailer’s  customers’ data. In addition, as all payments continue to be taken by you directly, a customer’s financial data continues to be safe in retailers payment partners hands


Decide where the Giftie buttons and explainer pop-ups appear on your product, checkout, and delivery pages. Giftie then adds a simple line of code to your website



Giftie offer the ability to create unique, branded and bespoke wrappers or simply choose from a range of standard Giftie wrappers



Personalise the message templates that go between Giftie, your customer and the gift recipient to maximise brand impact and appeal



When Giftie gets updated address information for the recipient who decided to swap the gift for a voucher we need to let you know in the most efficient way possible. This could be as simple as sending you an email, or we push the data straight into your order management systems

Depending on the systems and platforms in use and the preferred workflow, Giftie may require customisation and bespoke integration which, may attract additional charges. Bespoke or customer wrappers subject to longer deliver cycles and are additional cost. Ask your Giftie representative for more information



The Giftie Engagement Page is where your gift recipient is directed after receiving their gift. You have complete control of the page and can brand it and populate it in almost any way you wish. Typical content included similar items, branded content, promotions and provides a new way to engage with the gift recipient to create a new customer

Giftie is a technology company that believes technology should disappear into the background and never be seen

Nich Overend

Giftie CTO

Make Giftie your Digital Gifting Platform