Amaze and delight your customers

With HelloGiftie, your customers can send any gifts instantly without worrying about the style, size, colour, or even shipping details

Online gift experiences with easy exchanges

Make gift exchanges a pleasure so your customers can shop confidently and always send the right gift on time

An unwanted gift doesn’t need to be a return

Let your customers easily exchange the gift they have now for any product they want

Make it easy for your customers to change the size or colour of their gift, or even swap it to a voucher to spend later

We make buying a gift online for loved ones so much easier

Make every item in you store a potential gift, even difficult to give items like shoes

Your customers can give highly personal gift choices without the embarrassment of getting it wrong

How it works for your customers

It’s no fun receiving a gift you’ve already got

Exchange it for what you really want, without having to ask for a receipt

Send gifts in seconds via text or email

Remembering a birthday on the day is usually far too late. HelloGiftie extends the deadline, allowing a customer to instantly wrap and send a present

Embarrassment avoided, and another sales barrier removed

Make it easier for friends and family to send the perfect gift

HelloGiftie offers an end-to-end gifting experience which makes it easier for friends and family to send gifts simply online

Reduce first time delivery failures

We give the recipient total control of the delivery address and date.  That way they won’t miss you the first time you call

Ray Fowler

Multi channel E-commerce and supply chain transformation expert

"There isn't any aspect of gift buying that HelloGiftie has not covered, considered or resolved"

“When I was introduced to HelloGiftie I knew immediately that this solution had a place in the new digital world by removing many conventional gift barriers. Meeting the need for instant gratification, removing increasing volumes of returns and offering for retailers a proposition that customers are demanding.“

The insights you need in one place

Full analytics are captured while the wrapper is played, and made available for viewing and download either directly, or through integration with a campaign management tool

Retailer portal

HelloGiftie provides retailers a range of analytics via a dedicated management dashboard

See how customers are engaging with the solution as well as manage available wrappers and customise the available options in real time

Fully customisable purchase flow assets

HelloGiftie provides all the necessary buttons and educational pop-ups to inject into your product page and check-out page, meaning no additional development requirements for a simple launch

Giftie comms management

HelloGiftie manages the communications between the gift buyer and the recipient to enable the exchange and delivery confirmation process and even follows up with the recipient to remind them they have a present waiting

HelloGiftie Engage

For the first time, the HelloGiftie experience enables retailers the opportunity to directly engage with the gift recipient, via the Giftie Engage Page

Hosted by HelloGiftie, content can be static or completely dynamic with personalised content, brands and offers based on the gift they received

A new customer, at no extra cost – now that sounds like a bit of genius

Integrations to suit every retailer

Lite integration for a small retailer with emails between HelloGiftie and the retailer to advise of exchange and delivery date updates 

HelloGiftie API to more fully integrate data flows to ensure maximum efficiency

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