Wow Your

Create your own fully branded or interactive gift unwrapping experiences to support digital campaigns, seasonal events or specific brand-based themes.

A Game Changer

Our mission is to remove the guesswork, anxiety and effort from the gift giving process by providing retailers with a simple to install, e-Comm plug-in that enables seamless and personalised gifting anywhere, anytime. 

Two For The Price Of One

Giftie is the first solution that allows retailers to directly engage with the gift recipient.

So for every gift buyer, you’ll get another new customer to market and to up-sell to, at no additional cost. Not only that but you’ll also know what gift was bought for them and if they exchanged it for a gift card enabling more contextual marketing conversions. 


Improve Your Operating Costs

Wrapping up gifts with Giftie enables the recipient to confirm delivery details and even exchange for a voucher before the item is delivered. Saving the cost of processing returns, restocking, re-deliveries and eliminating unnecessary  transportation miles to reduce environmental impact.


More Sales Opportunities

Turn every item in your catalogue into a potential gift. Giftie takes away the risk of getting a gift choice wrong, which allows customers to be more personal and thoughtful with giving.

Research shows that “Consumers who might have been hesitant to buy physical gifts such as a dress, shoes or cosmetics in the past because of the personal nature of those items are more willing to give them as digital gifts.


What Your Customer Will See

How Giftie

Giftie is a simple plug-in as part of the normal purchase checkout process. Once payment has been made the gift giver is given the option to wrap with Giftie and that’s where Giftie takes over.

Once the gift is wrapped, Giftie sends an email immediately or on a preferred date to the recipient.

Flow Assets

Giftie provides all the necessary buttons and educational pop-ups to inject into your purchase and check-out pages meaning no additional development requirements for a simple launch.

Example Button

Explainer for Retail Website

Gift Comms

Giftie manages the communications between the gift buyer and the recipient to enable the exchange and delivery confirmation process and even follows up with the recipient to remind them they have a present waiting.

Giftie Engage

For the first time, the Giftie experience enables retailers the opportunity to directly engage the gift recipient, via the Giftie Engage Page.

Hosted by Giftie, content can be static or completely dynamic with personalised content, brands and offers based on the gift they received.

A new customer, at no extra cost – now that sounds like a bit of genius.


Giftie provides retailers a range of analytics via a dedicated management dashboard.

See how customers are engaging with the solution as well as manage available wrappers and customise the available options in real time.

Integrations To Suit Every Retailer

Giftie has a choice of a simple, fast and easy to implement lite integration for a small retailer with emails between giftie and the retailer to advise of exchange and delivery date updates. Or use the Giftie API to more fully integrate data flows to ensure maximum efficiency.

100% Cloud

Via Microsoft Azure


99.99% Uptime


One line of JavaScript 


All public APIs are based around server-less computing


As transparent as possible to enable to best user experience possible


Reliably durable enterprise-grade message queuing

Giftie is a technology company that believes technology should disappear into the background and never be seen.

Nich Overend

Giftie CTO